Friday, August 21, 2009

Permission Regarding Voluntary Fast

The observer of voluntary fasting is his own leader. That is why he is permitted, if he so desires, to abort the fast. This is the verdict of many scholars relying on the evidence of the fol­lowing citations.

Umm Hanee (raa) related that,

“The Messenger of Allah entered into my quarters the day that Makkah was conquered. He was offered water to drink. He drank and passed it to me. I told him I was fasting! The Messenger (saas) instructed. ‘The observer of a voluntary fast is the leader of his own self. If he wishes, he can continue the fast, and if he wants he can break.’ ” (Ahmad)

Elsewhere, Abu Sa'eed Al-Khudri (raa) said,

“I invited the Messenger of Allah (saas). He came with his companions. When the food was brought, a man re­fused to eat. He said, ‘I am fasting.’

The Messenger of Allah (saas) commented: ‘Your brother invited you and he has taken the trouble and incurred the cost for your sake. Break your fast and make it up with another day if you want.’ ” (Bayhaqi)

These two hadiths are evidence that the voluntary fast is dif­ferent from the mandatory fast in that the observer is allowed with or without a valid reason to abort the obligation of fasting. However, the second report shows also that it is desired to make up the aborted day.


Islamic / Muslim Festivals and Holiday 2019

Islamic Events and Holiday 2019

English Date Islamic Date
We have listed the important Islamic Festivals, Holidays and Events for the year 2019 as per the calender year 2019. These muslim religious holiday can vary as per the sighting of moon and the lunar calendar.
#Urs Khawjah Gharib Nawaz, Ajmer Sharif 14 March, 2019 - Thursday 6th Rajab 1440
#Lailat-ul-Meraj #Shab-e-meraj Night of Apr 3, 2019 - Wednesday 26-Rajab-1440
#Shabe-e-Barat April 20, 2019 - Saturday 14th Sha'baan 1440
#Start of Fasting Month (#Ramadan) May 7, 2019 - Tuesday 1st Ramadan 1440
#Jummat-ul-Wida 31 May 2019 - Friday Last Friday of Ramadan 1440
#Lailat-ul-Qadr (#Shab-E-Qadr) June 1, 2019 - Saturday 27 Ramadan 1440
#Eid-ul-Fitr June 5, 2019 - Saturday 1st Shawwal 1440
#Hajj August 11, 2019 - Sunday 9th Dhul-Hijjah 1440
#Eid-ul-Adaha #Bakrid August 12, 2019 - Wednesday 10th Dhul-Hijjah 1440
#Islamic New Year September 1, 2019 - Sunday 1st Muharram 1441
#Yaum al-Ashura September 10, 2019 - Tuesday 10th Muharram 1441
#Eid Milad-un-Nabi Nov 10, 2019 - Sunday 12th Rabi-al-Awwal 1441
#Urs Haji Ali Baba Mumbai 13 December, 2019 - Friday 16 Rabi Ul Akhir 1441
714th Urs Sharif Of Hazrat Khwaaja Syed Nizamuddin Aulia Mehboob-e-elahi Rahmatullah Alayh 16 December, 2019 - Monday 19 Rabi Ul Akhir 1441