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The sixth right and duty of a Muslim is that when his Muslim brother dies, he should attend his funeral. Death is a reality which each and every person will taste. No one will be able to escape it. If a brother of yours passes away from this mortal world today it is not a time to be happy as tomorrow it will be your turn. Therefore, when a Muslim brother or sister passes away, act upon the Sunnah and attend their funeral prayer. Performing the funeral Salah and lifting the funeral bier are both means of earning great rewards. The blessings and etiquettes of attending funerals are presented over the next few pages – read them and attempt to act upon them.

Lifting the Bier Is Sunnah
Hazrat Abu Hurairah Radiallaho Ta’ala ‘Anhu narrates that Rasool Allah (Peace be upon him) said, “The person who walks with the funeral procession and lifts the bier three times, he has fulfilled the rights of the funeral.” The author of Mishkaat states that it is reported in Sharhul Lisaana that Rasool Allah (Peace be upon him) lifted the corpse of Sa’ad bin Mu’aaz Radiallaho Ta’ala ‘Anhu on two planks of wood. (Mishkaat Shareef page 146)

Hasten the Funeral
Hazrat Abu Hurairah Radiallaho Ta’ala ‘Anhu narrates that Rasool Allah (Peace be upon him) said, “Hasten to perform the funeral because if the deceased was a pious person you are taking him towards goodness, and if he was not pious then it is a heavy burden on your shoulders that you should hasten to unload.” (Muslim Shareef)

Do Not Walk In Front of the Bier
Hazrat ‘Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood Radiallaho Ta’ala ‘Anhu narrates that Rasool Allah (Peace be upon him) said, “The funeral (bier) is a leader and not a follower and the one who walks in front of it is not with the funeral
procession.” (Abu Dawood vol 2 page 453)

Attending a Funeral – Means of Reward
Hazrat Abu Hurairah Radiallaho Ta’ala ‘Anhu narrates that Rasool Allah (Peace be upon him)  said, “The person who attends a funeral with the intention of obtaining rewards and stays for the (funeral) prayer and burial, undoubtedly he returns with two carats worth of rewards. The reward for each carat is equivalent to Mount Uhud and the person who performs the funeral prayer and leaves before the burial leaves with one carat.” (Bukhari Shareef vol 1 page 12)

Do Not Sit Before the Bier is Put Down
Hazrat Abu Sa’eed Khudri Radiallaho Ta’ala ‘Anhu narrates that Rasool Allah (Peace be upon him) said, “If you see a funeral bier then stand up and if you are walking with a funeral procession, do not sit down until the
bier has been placed on the ground.” (Muslim Shareef)

Do Not Ride on an Animal
Hazrat Thaubaan reports that we attended a funeral procession with Rasool Allah (Peace be upon him) and when Rasool Allah (Peace be upon him) saw some people riding on animals he said, “Are you not embarrassed that Allah Ta’ala’s Angels are walking and you are riding on the backs of animals?” (Tirmidhi vol 1 page 196)

Publicise the Good Deeds of the Deceased
Hazrat Ibn ‘Umar Radiallaho Ta’ala ‘Anhuma narrates that Rasool Allah (Peace be upon him) said, “Publicise the goodness and good deeds of your deceased and refrain from speaking about their bad deeds.”
(Tirmidhi vol 1 page 198)

Respected readers! The only way we can achieve success in both worlds is by following the rules of Islamic society given to us by the Beloved of Allah Ta’ala, Leader of both worlds, Prophet of Mercy Rasool Allah (Peace be upon him). Looking for success anywhere else is like looking for sweet water in a desert. Instead of looking towards western culture with yearning eyes, we should try and instil the example of Rasool Allah (Peace be upon him) in all facets of our lives, as the secret to success in both worlds is hidden in that.

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