What are the Kinds of Fasting in Islam

Fasting is divided into two kinds: Fard, the obligatory fast, and Tatau'u, any non-obligatory fast. The obligatory fast is catego­rized as three kinds:

(1) fasting the month of Ramadan

(2) fasting to expiate for religious offenses

(3) fasting to fulfill a vow

Fasting the Month of Ramadan -Roza

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, Al-Hijrah. This calendar is based on the lunar system. There are twelve months in the lunar year. They are:
1. Al-Muharram
2. Safar
3. Rabee'ul Awwal
4. Rabee'ul Athathanee
5. Jumadah Awwal
6. Jumadth Thanee
7. Rajab
8. Sha'aban
9. Ramadan
10. Shawwal
11. Dhul-Qidah
12. Dhul-Hijah

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