Neglecting Ramadan a serious, unpardonable sin

The blessed month of Ramadan comes once in a lunar calendar year for serious spiritual and physical training and rehabilita­tion of the believers. To neglect this Islamic obligation, with all its benefits, is a serious, unpardonable sin. Thus the warning from the Prophet (saas). Abu Hurairah reports the Messenger of Allah said:

“Whoever breaks one day's fast of Ramadan without an authorized permission from Allah, he will never be able to redeem it (with another) day's fast, even if he fasts to eternity.” (Tirmidhi)

The stern warning in this hadith for breaking fast in Ramadan is an indication of how serious the offense is perceived by the Shari'e, the Lawgiver. You may think that if you break a day, you can redeem it after Ramadan. Indeed, the missed day may be redeemed after Ramadan, but the hadith indicates that fast­ing for a lifetime (Siyaam Dahr), or to eternity cannot make up for the spiritual loss due to a reckless and deliberate break of a fasting day. It is abhorrent to neglect an Islamic rite which is your duty, but worse to neglect an obligation that belongs to Allah (SWT), such as the fast of Ramadan.

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