Things to avoid during E’tikaf

Things to avoid during E’tikaf:

1. Having sex and also according to Ehtiyat kissing or playing with one’s wife.

2. According to a necessary Ehtiyat causing a semen discharge.

3. And smelling perfumes for enjoyment; it is not an offense if one cannot enjoy the perfume because of some defect in his smelling ability.

4. Selling or buying in the form of a business deal, according to a necessary Ehtiyat; there is no offense to be occupied with allowable activities as sewing or writing etc., although it is a Mustahab Ehtiyat to avoid them too.
If one needs to buy something for food and there is no one to do the buying for him, it is not an offence for him to do it.

5. Expressing bitterness in talking about worldly or religious matters in order to prove one’s ability, not the truth which is one of the best worships.

The contracts of buying or selling during E’tikaf invalidate E’tikaf, but such contracts will be valid. If E’tikaf is invalidated because of having sex even, during the night, expiation will be due; if it is invalidated by other things, there will be no expiation, although it is a Mustahab Ehtiyat in this case too.

The expiation for invalidating an E’tikaf is to set free a slave or if this is not possible, fast for two
consecutive months or if this also is not possible, feed sixty (60) poor people.

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