Things That Invalidate Al-I`etikaaf

Things That Invalidate Al-I`etikaaf

Exiting from the masjid without any good reason, even if it is for a moment, because that is one of its pillars. Apostasy (riddah) for it contradicts `ebadah. Allah (SWT), states:
“But it has already been revealed to thee as it was to those before thee,-if thou were to join gods with Allah, truly fruitless will be thy work (in life) and thou will surely be in the ranks of those who lose (all spiritual good)” (Al-Qur`an,39:65)

Insanity due to madness, drugs or intoxicants, for sanity is prerequisite in all forms of worship.

Menstruation (hayd) and post-childbirth bleeding (nifaas).

Martial relations. Allah states:

“...But do not associate with wives while you are in retreat in the masaajid.” (Al-Qur'an, 2: 187)

Nothing is wrong with touching one's spouse provided it is free from passion. This does not include kissing. If one kisses or touches his spouse with passion, he or she has done wrong, for it contradicts the spirit of I'etikaaf, but the I'etikaaf is valid pro­vided he does not discharge semen. That is according to Imams Abu Hanifah and Ahmed. Imam Malik, on the other hand, said in this instance, the I'etikaaf becomes invalid because this is illegal association, even without discharge of semen. The reason for the difference of opinion is the interpretation of the word “association” (mubasharah).

Originally baashara means to touch, scrape off; or to have sexual intercourse. The point here is an usuulul Fiqh, Islamic legal theory, question. That is, does the word that implies both actual and metaphorical have a general implication, aam, or not? Those who say it has a general implication, aam, say mubasharah in the above verse means actual marital inter­course and any association that is less than intercourse. Those who say it does not have a general implication say mubasharah here means only sexual relations. Allahu 'Alam.

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