Sunnat in our Day-to-day life

It has been proven from experience that by acting upon these three sunnats, which are very easy as far as amal is concerned, but are very important in this respect, that by acting upon them, one shall witness the blessings that will be achieved. Also, a desire to act upon the sunnah will enter ones heart and it will become easy to practice upon the entire sunnah inshAllah!

First Sunnat

Make a lot of Salaam (Muslim Greeting) and be the first to make Salaam, Make a lot of Salaam means to greet each and every Muslim irrespective of whether you know him or not, Be the first to make Salaam means we should always make an effort to beat the other person at making Salaam.

Second Sunnat

Begin every 'good' action from the right and enter every 'good' place with the right similarly, begin every 'bad' action from the left and enter every 'bad' place with the left for eg. a masjid is a 'good' place so we should enter with the right foot - when leaving the masjid we should first take out the left foot - when wearing clothes we should begin from the right and when taking off our clothes we should begin with the left - when entering the toilet, we should enter with the left foot and leave with the right foot.

Third Sunnat

Make a lot of Zikrullah (remembrance of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala). During the day recite one tasbeeh of Kalima tayiba - one tasbeeh of Istighfaar - one tasbeeh of Durood Shareef with this intention that the love for Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'alashould increase in our hearts and the love for everything else besides Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala should come out of our hearts. When walking uphill, upstairs we should recite Allah ho Akbar when walking downhill we should recite SubhanAllah and when walking upon flat ground we should recite La ilaaha illah lah

Endeavour to learn and practice upon these sunnats and teach your children InshAllah.

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