Nikah and Benefits


The Best Way to Display Love is Nikah

Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Abbas(RA) narrates that the Beloved Prophet of Mercy (PBUH) said, “You will not find anything better for people in love than Nikah.” (Ibne Majah Shareef Hadith 1920)

Ponder the fact that before Nikah two people do not even know each other. They are from different families and backgrounds. An Arab and a non-Arab, an Asian and African, when they are legally married they become so devoted and attached to each other that their love becomes such that they do not leave other until death. The relationship that is developed as a result of Nikah is not temporary or brief, rather it is long lasting and permanent.

More Benefits of Nikah at a Glance

There are many benefits of Nikah and some of them are being mentioned here:

1. Nikah safeguards a person’s eyes, protects their chastity and saves a person from a multitude of sins.

2. Performing Nikah ensures that one acts upon a blessed Sunnah of RasoolAllah(PBUH) .

3. Pious children will benefit a person in this world and the hereafter.

4. Pious children born as a result of Nikah can be used to strengthen and reinforce the Islamic community.

5. Having children enables one to act upon the blessed Sunnahs of RasoolAllah (PBUH) which concern children.

6. Having children ensures that the laws of Allah Ta’ala and RasoolAllah (PBUH) concerning children can be acted upon.

7. When a person becomes old and weak, the children become a means of help and support.

8. The passion and desire to work hard and earn money is instilled in a person in order to provide for a wife and children.

9. Society looks at a person with respect as a result of being a family man.

10. If a child dies in infancy it will intercede for the parents.

11. A pious wife is a true companion in all situations. Secrets can be shared with her and she is a great support in times of difficulty.

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