What is the meaning of Hajj and Order to Perform Hajj

The literal translation of Hajj is ‘to travel to’ and ‘to intend.’ Muslims travel to Makkah with the intention of seeing the Holy Ka’aba and that is why it is called Hajj.

In Islamic terminology, Hajj means to wear an Ehram and perform certain actions like Tawaf of the Ka’aba and be in certain places (‘Arafat etc) on certain days to perform specific worships.

Order to Perform Hajj

In relation to the obligatory nature of Hajj, Allah Almighty states in the Holy Qur’an:

“...and performing the Hajj (pilgrimage) of this house, for the sake of Allah, is a duty upon mankind...”(Surah Aal e Imran Verse 97)

The fact that Hajj is obligatory (Fard) is made clear by this verse and from it we can also see that one who denies this is an infidel and non-believer. The person who has the means but does not perform Hajj is a great sinner as is made evident in a Hadith narrated by Hazrat ‘Abdullah Ibne ‘Umar (RA) who states that RasoolAllah (S.A.W) said,

“The person who has the means but does not perform Hajj will have the word ‘Kaafir’ (infidel) written on his forehead on the day of Judgement.” (Tafseer Ibne Abi Haatim Vol 14 Page 68)
Hajj is compulsory only once in a lifetime for those who are able to afford it. After fulfilling the Fard Hajj a person can perform as many voluntary (Nafli) Pilgrimages as he likes.

Allama Jalaluddin Suyuti (R.A) narrates a Hadith in his book Durr al Mansoor that when this verse was revealed a person asked RasoolAllah (S.A.W) , “Is Hajj compulsory every year?”  Upon being asked this RasoolAllah (S.A.W) replied:

“By Him in Whose control is my life! If I were to say yes then it would be compulsory each year. And if it is compulsory each year then you will not be able to perform it and if you do not perform it then you will be ungrateful. Therefore do not ask questions unnecessarily because the people before you were destroyed on account of asking their Prophets unnecessary questions and creating divisions amongst themselves. When I give you the order to do anything, do it as much as you are able to and when I order you to stay away from anything then stay away from it.” (Durr al Mansoor Volume 2 Page 390)

Where this Hadith reinforces the fact that Hajj is compulsory once in a lifetime it also proves that Allah Almighty granted His Beloved Prophet (S.A.W) such authority that if he stated something was allowed (Halal) it would become allowed and if he forbade anything it would become forbidden (Haraam).

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