History of Islam - Important dates in Ramadan

Ramadan al-Mubarak (Important Dates)
1st Birth of Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Baghdad)
3rd Wisaal Khatoon-e-Jannat Fatimah Zahrah RadiAllahu Anha (Madinah)
10th Wisaal Ummul Mo’mineen Khadija-tul Kubrah RadiAllahu Anha (Makkah)
13th Wisaal Hazrat Sirri Saqti (Baghdad)
14th Wisaal Hazrat Sayyed Shah Ale Hamza (Marerah)
14th Wisaal Hazrat Shamsuddeen Ale Ahmed (Marerah)
14th Wisaal Hazrat Bayazeed Bustami Rahmatullahi Alaih
16th Wisaal Hazrat Sayyed Shah Ale Muhammad (Marerah)
17th Wisaal Sayyeda Aisha Siddiqah RadiAllahu Anhuma (Madinah)
17th The Battle of Badr
17th Wisaal Hazrat Sayyed Muhammad Iqbal Shah Chisti Sabri Rahmatullahi Alaih
18th Urs Rehani Miya (Bareilly)
21st Hazrat Ali Martyred (shaheed) (Najaf Ashraf
21st Wisaal Imam Ali bin Musa Raza (Baghdad)
27th Lailat-ul Qadr (The Night of Power)
27th Urs Hazrat Shaikh Salim Chisti (Delhi)
30th Urs Shaikh Jamaal-ul-Awliya (Rampur)

Events that took place in Ramadan
On the 1st of Ramadan the doors of Paradise are opened and the doors of Hell are closed.  Also the large devils (Shaitan) are shackled in chains until the end of the month.

On the 3rd of this month a holy book (Sahifa) was revealed upon Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihis-Salam.

On the 6th The Torah was revealed upon Hazrat Musa Alaihis-Salam.

On the 18th of Ramadan the Zaboor was revealed to Hazrat Dawood Alaihis-Salam.

On the 13th The Injeel (Bible) was revealed to Hazrat Issa Alaihis-Salam.

On the 27nd of Ramadan The Holy Qu’ran was revealed upon The Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam.

On the 17th of Ramadan the holy city of Makkah was conquered by the Muslims

On the 27th of this month the Battle of Badr took place in which angels were sent down to help The Holy Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam.

On the last day of Ramadan Allah frees the same number of people from Hell as he has released from the beginning of Ramadan (Aja-e-bul Makhlukat p. 46).

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