Islamic Names for Boys starting with A

Muslim Boys Name Starting with A

A’zam Most great; most pious; most exalted.
Aaaqil Wise; intelligent; sensible.
Aaban Name of the Angel.
Aabid Worshiper; devotee; devout.
Aabid Worshiper.
Aadam Name of the first man and prophet of Allah; father of mankind.
Aadil Just
Aadil Just; upright; sincere
Aadil Just, Upright.
Aafiya Good Health.
Aahil Prince.
Aalam The world; the universe
Aalam World.
Aalee Sublime, high.
Aalim Religious Scholar.
Aamil Doer, Work man.
Aamir One who inhabits; one who performs Umrah; of a sahaabi.
Aamir Populous, Full, Prosperous
Aamir Civilised.
Aamirah Inhabitant
Aaqib Follower.
Aaqil Intelligent.
Aarif Acquainted, Knowledgable
Aarif One who possesses knowledge of Allah and His kingdom; a devotee.
Aarif Knowing, aware.
Aariz Respectable man.
Aaryan Of Utmost strength.
Aashif Bold, courageous.
Aashir Living.
Aasif Name of a courtier
Aasif An able minister.
Aasim Chaste; protected; safe; name of a great Imaam of Tajweed.
Aasim Protector
Aasim Person who keeps away from sins.
Aatif Kind Affectionate.
Aatiq Free; liberated; independent.
Aaus Name of a tree.
Aayan God's gift.
Aazim Determined.
Abaan Old Arabic name
Abbaas A furious lion that mauls its prey to pieces; pomp;
Abbas Description of a lion
Abbas Gloomy look.
Abd A servant; a devotee; a slave.
Abd Al-Ala Slave of the High.
Abdul Aalee Servant of the Most High.
Abdul Adl Slave of the just.
Abdul Afuw Slave of the one who pardons.
Abdul Ahad Slave of he who is one (Allah).
Abdul Aleem Servant of the Omniscient.
Abdul Ali Slave of the High one.
Abdul Alim Slave of the All knowing.
Abdul Awwal Slave of the First One.
Abdul Azeem Servant of the Mighty
Abdul Azeez The servant of the most powerful.
Abdul Azim Slave of the great.
Abdul Aziz Servant of the powerful one.
Abdul Baari Servant of the Creator.
Abdul Baasit Servant of the Extender and Creator.
Abdul Badee Slave of the originator.
Abdul Baith Slave of the one who raises death.
Abdul Baqi Slave of the Eternal.
Abdul Bari Slave of the creator.
Abdul Baseer Slave of the All-seeing.
Abdul Batin Slave of the unseen.
Abdul Fattah Slave of the opener, slave of the giver of victory.
Abdul Ghafaar Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul Ghafoor Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul Hafeez Slave of the Protector.
Abdul Hafiz Slave of the Guardian.
Abdul Hakam Servant of the Arbitrator
Abdul Hakeem Servant of the Wise
Abdul Haleem Servant of the Mild and Patient
Abdul Halim Slave of the Wise.
Abdul Hameed Servant of the Praiseworthy and the Ever-Praised
Abdul Hamid Slave of the Praiseworthy.
Abdul Hannan Slave of the Merciful.
Abdul Haq Servant of the Truth
Abdul Haseeb Servant of the Respected and Esteemed
Abdul Hasib Slave of the Reckoner.
Abdul Hayy Slave of the Living.
Abdul Jabaar Servant of the Mighty.
Abdul Jaleel Servant of the Great and Revered
Abdul Jawwad Slave of the Bountiful.
Abdul Kabir Slave of the Great.
Abdul Kareem Servant of the Noble and Generous
Abdul Karim Slave of the Gracious.
Abdul Khabir Slave of the one who is aware.
Abdul Lateef Servant of the Kind
Abdul Maajid Slave of the Excellence.
Abdul Maalik Slave of the Master, the Lord.
Abdul Majeed Servant of the Glorious
Abdul Mani Slave of one who prevents.
Abdul Mannan Slave of the Benefactor.
Abdul Mateen Slave of the Firm.
Abdul Mubdee Slave of the Originator.
Abdul Mueed Slave of the Restorer, the Reproducer.
Abdul Muhaimin Servant of the Supervising, the Guardian and the Protector
Abdul Muhaymin Slave of the Protector.
Abdul Muhsin Slave of the Benefactor.
Abdul Muhyee Slave of the one who gives life and sustains it.
Abdul Muiz Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory
Abdul Mujeeb Servant of the Responder
Abdul Munim Slave of the Generous.
Abdul Muntaqim Slave of him who punishes wrongdoings and seizes retribution.
Abdul Muqeet Slave of the Sustainer.
Abdul Muqsit Slave of the Just.
Abdul Musawwir Slave of the Fashioner.
Abdul Mutaal Servant of the Most High
Abdul Muti Slave of the Giver.
Abdul Muzanni He was a narrator of Hadith.
Abdul Nafi Slave of the Propitious.
Abdul Naseer Slave of the Helper.
Abdul Noor Slave of the one who is Light.
Abdul Qaadir Servant of the Capable
Abdul Qadeer Slave of the Powerful.
Abdul Qadir Slave of the Powerful.
Abdul Qahaar Servant of the Subduer and the Almighty
Abdul Qayyum Slave of the Self-Subsistent.
Abdul Qudoos Servant of the Most Holy
Abdul Raafi Servant of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem), One who Elevates
Abdul Rabb Slave of the Lord.
Abdul Rafi Slave of the Exalter.
Abdul Raheem Servant of the Most Compassionate
Abdul Rahim Slave of the Compassionate.
Abdul Rahman Servant of the merciful one.
Abdul Raqib Slave of the Vigilant.
Abdul Rauf Servent of the merciful.
Abdul Tawwab Slave of the Acceptor of repentance, the relenting.
Abdul Waali Slave of the Governor.
Abdul Wahid Slave of the Unique.
Abdul Wajid Slave of the Finder, the Perceiver.
Abdul Wakil Slave of the Trustee.
Abdul Waliy Slave of the Protecting Friend.
Abdul Wasi Slave of the All Embracing.
Abdul-Aalee Servant of the Most High
Abdul-Aalee Servant of the Most High.
Abdul-Adheem Servant of the Most Great.
Abdul-Aleem Servant of the Omniscient
Abdul-Aleem Servant of the All-Knowing.
Abdul-Azeez Servant of the Mighty, the Powerful
Abdul-Baaqi Servant of the Everlasting.
Abdul-Baari Servant of the Creator
Abdul-Baari Servant of the Evolver.
Abdul-Baasit Servant of the Extender, Creator
Abdul-Baasit Servant of the Expander.
Abdul-Barr Servant of the source of Goodness.
Abdul-Dhahir Servant of the Manifest.
Abdul-Fataah Servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance)
Abdul-Ghafaar Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul-Ghaffar Servant of the forgiver.
Abdul-Ghafoor Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul-Ghafur Servant of the All-Forgiving.
Abdul-Ghani Servant of the Self-Sufficient.
Abdul-Haady Servant of the Guide
Abdul-Haafiz Servant of the Protector
Abdul-Hadi Servant of the Guide.
Abdul-Hafeedh Servant of the Preserver.
Abdul-Hakam Servant of the Arbitrator
Abdul-Hakeem Servant of the Wise
Abdul-Hakeem Servant of the Wise.
Abdul-Haleem Servant of the Mild, Patient
Abdul-Haleem Servant of the Forbearing One.
Abdul-Hameed Servant of the Praiseworthy, the Ever-Praised
Abdul-Hameed Servant of the Praiseworthy.
Abdul-Haq Servant of the Truth
Abdul-Haqq Servant of the Truth.
Abdul-Haseeb Servant of the Respected, Esteemed
Abdul-Haseeb Servant of the Reckoner.
Abdul-Jabaar Servant of the Mighty
Abdul-Jabbar Servant of the Compeller.
Abdul-Jaleel Servant of the Great, Revered
Abdul-Jaleel Servant of the Sublime One.
Abdul-Kareem Servant of the Noble, Generous
Abdul-Kareem Servant of the Most Generous.
Abdul-Khaaliq Servant of the Creator
Abdul-Khaliq Servant of the Creator.
Abdullah Servant of God
Abdullah Servant of Allah.
Abdul-Lateef Servant of the Kind
Abdul-Lateef Servant of the Subtle One.
Abdul-Majeed Servant of the Glorious
Abdul-Majeed Servant of the Most Glorious.
Abdul-Majid Servant of the Noble.
Abdul-Malik Servant of the Sovereign Lord.
Abdul-Mateen Servant of the Firm, Strong
Abdul-Mu'eid Servant of the Restorer.
Abdul-Mughni Servant of the Enricher.
Abdul-Muhaimin Servant of the Supervising, the Guardian, the Protector
Abdul-Muiz Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory
Abdul-Mu'izz Servant of the Honourer.
Abdul-Mujeeb Servant of the Responder
Abdul-Mujeeb Servant of the Responsive.
Abdul-Mumin Servant of the Guardian of Faith.
Abdul-Muqtadir Servant of the Powerful.
Abdul-Mutaal Servant of the Most High
Abdul-Muta'alee Servant of the Most Exalted.
Abdul-Nasser Servant of the Helper, Granting Victory
Abdul-Nur Servant of the Light.
Abdul-Qaadir Servant of the Capable
Abdul-Qaadir Servant of the Able.
Abdul-Qahaar Servant of the Subduer, the Almighty
Abdul-Qahhar Servant of the Subduer.
Abdul-Qaiyoum Servant of the Self-Sustaining.
Abdul-Quddus Servant of the Holy.
Abdul-Qudoos Servant of the Most Holy
Abdul-Raafi' Servant of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem), Elevates
Abdul-Raheem Servant of the Most Compassionate
Abdul-Rahmaan Servant of the Mercifully Gracious
Abdul-Raouf Servant of the Most Merciful
Abdus Sami Slave of the All Hearing.
Abdus Sattar Slave of the one who conceals faults.
Abdus Shafi Slave of the Healer.
Abdus Subbooh Slave of the Extremely pure.
Abdush Shahid Slave of the Witness.
Abdus-Sabour Servant of the Patient.
Abdus-Salaam Servant of the Source of Peace.
Abdus-Samad Servant of the Eternal.
Abdus-Sameei Servant of the All-Hearing.
Abdus-Shaheed Servant of the Witness.
Abdus-Shakur Servant of the Appreciative.
Abed Worshipper
Abedin Worshippers
Abid Worshipper.
Abisali Warrior in Islam.
Aboo Aboo literally means father.
Aboo Ayyoob A well-known Sahaabi
Aboo Bakr Name of the first Khalifah of Islam, and the first amongst men to embrace Islam.
Aboo Haneefah The appellation of one of the four illustrious Imaams
Aboo Hurairah Name of an illustrious sahaabi
Aboo Taalib The name of Rasoolullah's sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam uncle and father of Ali (RA).
Aboo Turaab The appellation of Ali (RA).
Aboo Ubaidhah Name of one of the ten sahaabah (RA)
Abraar pious people; truthful persons; saints.
Abrad Hail, Mail.
Abrar Peity.
Abrash Spotted, Speckled.
Absi The name of Abdullah ibn-Musa, a scholar and reciter of the Quran
Abt'hi One who lives in Abtah, a place near Makkah.
Abu Bakr The companion of Prophet Muhammad

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