When a man goes to a maiden of Jannat, he will find her as pure and chaste as the first time he went to her but there will be no discomfort in intimacy for either the male or the female. If a drop of a Hur’s saliva falls into the ocean, the sweetness of her saliva, will sweeten the entire ocean.

It has been mentioned in another narration that if a drop of a heavenly maiden’s saliva had to fall into the seven seas, the seven seas would become sweeter than honey. When a person enters Jannat, he will find two maidens at his head side, singing in a beautiful and melodious voice. There singing will not be similar to the shaitaani songs and music of this world but it will be the Praise of Almighty Allah. They have very sweet voices. The creation has never heard such a sweet voice before.

They will also chant a song wherein they will say,

‘Forever we will live and never shall we die. We are blessed with comfort, never to experience any discomfort. We are happy and never will be sad. Congratulations to those who have become ours, whilst we have become theirs.’

With the exception of the hair on their heads, eye lashes and eye brows, the Jannatis will not have any other hair. They will also not have beards in Jannat. The Jannatis will have bluish grey eyes and none will look older than 30 years old.

An ordinary Jannati will be awarded 80 000 servants and 72 wives. He will be presented with a brilliant crown. The smallest pearl in it will illuminate the entire East and West. If a person wishes to have a child then they will become pregnant and have a child within a moment, who will even reach the age of 30 in a moment as well.


Sag e Mufti e Azam

Muhammad Afthab Cassim Qaadiri Razvi Noori

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