E-Book - The Importance Of Loving Our Parents

Disobedience to ones father is disobedience to Allah Almighty, and displeasure of the father, is displeasure of Allah Qahaar.

If a person keeps his parents pleased, then that is his Jannat (Heaven), and if he displeases them, then this is hell. Until a person does not gain the pleasure of his parents, neither are his Fard or his Nafil actions accepted in actuality.

Such persons will not only be faced with punishment in the hereafter, but they shall face great hardships even in this world. Allah forbid, but for such persons, there fear of not having the opportunity of reciting the Kalima on their deathbed.

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said, “Obedience to Allah is through Obedience to ones father, and Allah’s displeasure is through the displeasure of one’s father.”

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