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Criticising Allah (az’zawajal), calling him (az’zawajal) is Profanity (Kufr)

At the time of poverty, illness, worries or death and due to the shock, sometimes Allah forbid, some people say words of profanity (Kufr). Criticising Allah (az’zawajal), calling him (az’zawajal) cruel, tyrant, poor, needy, or helpless are all words of profanity. Remember, using a word of profanity or agreeing with someone, or even nodding your head in agreement to someone who has used profane language without a valid reason will lose their faith, and become a non-believer. His marriage will break, his bait will break, all his good deeds will be erased and if he has performed Hajj, his Hajj will also be removed, and after he has renewed his
faith, he will have to perform Hajj again.

1. “So and so can do whatever he wants, he has been given full authority from Allah (az’zawajal).”
2. “Even if we do something small to them, Allah (az’zawajal) will catch us straight away.”
3. “Allah (az’zawajal) always gives sides to my enemies.”
4. “We have left everything up to Allah (az’zawajal) but we have gained nothing.”
5. “Until today, Allah (az’zawajal) has not made my destiny good.”
6. “Maybe Allah (az’zawajal) has nothing for me in his treasury, my worldly desires are never fulfilled, my supplication (Dua) is never accepted, the ones whom I love have gone far, all my dreams have been shattered, all my wishes have been crushed, now you tell me, how can I have faith in Allah (az’zawajal).”
7. “He is getting on my nerves, but the worst thing is, Allah (az’zawajal) is with those who are like him.”
8. The ones who say, “Oh Allah, you have taken all my wealth, you have taken this and that, now what will you take, or, now what do you want? Or now what is left?” is a non-believer.
9. Those who says, “If despite my illness, Allah ta’ala punishes me then he is cruel” is a non-believer.
10. “Allah has always supported the bad people.”
11. “Allah has always harassed the helpless.”


Just by saying that you are repenting from your profanity and not really meaning it from the heart is not classed as repentance. For example, someone has said a word of profanity and another has told him to repent, but he doesn’t realize when he used profanity, his repentance is not accepted, his profanity is still remaining. Therefore the repentance of profanity is only accepted when one realizes that he has used profanity, and he is disgusted by this profanity. He should also mention the profanity in his repentance. For example: those who wrote their religion as Christianity on a visa form should repent like this, “Oh Allah (az’zawajal)! I repent from my profanity when I wrote on the visa form that I am a non-believer. LA ILAHA ILAL LAHU MUHAMMADUR RASOOLULAH (sallallahu alaihi wa’sallam)(There is none worthy of worship but Allah Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa’sallam) is the Messenger of Allah).”
This way one has repented from the profanity and has also renewed their faith. Allah (az’zawajal) forbid, if one has used many words of profanity and they don’t remember everyone, then they should say, “Oh Allah (az’zawajal)! I repent from all the words I have used”. Then one should read the Kalmia (it is not necessary to read the translation if you already know it). If one doesn’t know that he has used profanity but he still wants to repent by way of precaution he should say, “Oh Allah (az’zawajal), if I have used profane language , I repent from this”. Then one should read the Kalima.


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