Woman wearing Masculine Clothes is deprived of Heaven

It is stated in a Hadith that the woman who adopts masculine styles will be deprived of Heaven. The woman who wears masculine clothes, shoes, or has a masculine hairstyle also deserves the same punishment. Often, this issue is not considered when dressing children.

(Allah forbid) sometimes, the boys are made to wear the dress of girls making them look like girls and similarly, girls are made to wear shirts & trousers along with a hat making them look like boys. It is a sin to get your daughters wear boyish dress or masculine hairstyle.

Henna can be applied on the palms and feet of the girls only, applying henna on the hands or feet of boys is a sin. (Raddul-muhtar v9, p522, Dar-ul-kutubul Ilmiyya Beirut) Do not dress your children in clothes which have pictures of living things on them. Do not apply nail polish on children's nails and the children’s mother should never also do so because wudu & ghusl will not be complete.

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