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Islamic Books - Life & History of Hazrat Abu Muhammed Abdul Qadir (Gause Aazam)

A Brief on Life & History of Hazrat Abu Muhammed Abdul Qadir (Gause Aazam)

Hazrat Abu Muhammed Abdul Qadir (Allah’s mercy be on him) was born in Naif district of Jilan in Iran (Persia) on the 1st of Ramzan 470 AH (1077 AD). His father Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani Abu Saleh Moosa Jungi Dost was a saintly man and a direct descendent of Hazarat Imam Hasan Ibne Ali (Allah be pleased with them).

His mother Fatima was the daughter of Abdullah Somaye, a saintly person and a direct descendent of Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him). Imam Hasan and Imam Husain are the sons of Hazarat Fatima (Allah be pleased with her) and Hazrat Ali (Allah be pleased with him) and grandsons of Prophet Hazrat Muhammed (Blessing of Allah and peace be on him).

Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him) was the youngest child of his parents. At the time of his birth his mother was nearly 60 years old. Within a few weeks new spread that the infant refused tosuck milk until sunset, thereby implying that the newly born child was observing fast as it was the holy month of Ramadan. Thus when in the following year the moon could not be sighted due to heavy clouds, the people came next morning for the guidance at the house of Hazrat Moosa Abu Saleh. The people decided to observe Ramadan on the basis,whether Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him) had accepted milk or not.

He was very young when his father died. His maternal grandfather Abdullah Somaye showered on him his love and blessings. After sometime his grandfather too died and his old loving mother took care of him.

He received his early education at home where he learned general knowledge, Theology and the Holy Qur’aan from his mother. By the time he was 18 years old he had absorbed most of the religious
education at Jilan and memorized the whole Qur’aan. His thirst for knowledge urged him to go to Baghdad for higher and religious education. His mother, with a heavy heart bid him farewell and entrusted him to the care of Allah and instructed him to always speak the truth. Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him) took leave of his mother, fully aware that he may not see her again if he went to Baghdad, and promised to heed her advice.

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Islamic / Muslim Festivals and Holiday 2019

Islamic Events and Holiday 2019

English Date Islamic Date
We have listed the important Islamic Festivals, Holidays and Events for the year 2019 as per the calender year 2019. These muslim religious holiday can vary as per the sighting of moon and the lunar calendar.
#Urs Khawjah Gharib Nawaz, Ajmer Sharif 14 March, 2019 - Thursday 6th Rajab 1440
#Lailat-ul-Meraj #Shab-e-meraj Night of Apr 3, 2019 - Wednesday 26-Rajab-1440
#Shabe-e-Barat April 20, 2019 - Saturday 14th Sha'baan 1440
#Start of Fasting Month (#Ramadan) May 7, 2019 - Tuesday 1st Ramadan 1440
#Jummat-ul-Wida 31 May 2019 - Friday Last Friday of Ramadan 1440
#Lailat-ul-Qadr (#Shab-E-Qadr) June 1, 2019 - Saturday 27 Ramadan 1440
#Eid-ul-Fitr June 5, 2019 - Saturday 1st Shawwal 1440
#Hajj August 11, 2019 - Sunday 9th Dhul-Hijjah 1440
#Eid-ul-Adaha #Bakrid August 12, 2019 - Wednesday 10th Dhul-Hijjah 1440
#Islamic New Year September 1, 2019 - Sunday 1st Muharram 1441
#Yaum al-Ashura September 10, 2019 - Tuesday 10th Muharram 1441
#Eid Milad-un-Nabi Nov 10, 2019 - Sunday 12th Rabi-al-Awwal 1441
#Urs Haji Ali Baba Mumbai 13 December, 2019 - Friday 16 Rabi Ul Akhir 1441
714th Urs Sharif Of Hazrat Khwaaja Syed Nizamuddin Aulia Mehboob-e-elahi Rahmatullah Alayh 16 December, 2019 - Monday 19 Rabi Ul Akhir 1441