Holy Prophet (pbuh)The model of goodness

I testify that there is no god but Almighty God, Almighty God is One (and Eternal) and has no partner, I also testify that Muhammad(pbuh) is a slave and the messenger of Almighty God.

Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Bin Abdullah (peace upon him and his family), known as As-Sadiq (the Truthful) and Al-Ameen (the Trustworthy) from his youth and was sent as the Mercy for this World and the Hereafter and the Last Messenger of God Almighty and the Seal of the Prophethood. The name Muhammad means “highly praised”.

Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the finest example of a perfect man in every sense of the term. He was a paragon of virtue and is the best exemplar for the human race. The Almighty distinguished him from all and sundry by instilling in his sublime personality such fine qualities as modesty, truthfulness, kindness, patience, loyalty, honesty, courage, bravery, generosity, magnanimity, wisdom and the like. By studying his lofty character and the amazingly simple life he (pbuh) led with his household, companions, wives and others. We are able to learn valuable lessons from his conduct & accordingly mould our own life-style.

Our society could never be an Islamic one unless we sincerely tread the footsteps of Almighty God’s final Messenger to mankind, heed his sayings, observe his glorious actions and attitudes, and most important of all follow them, as the faithful among his sincere companions

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