Holy Prophet(SAW) - virtue and righteousness

One day the great Prophet of Almighty God (pbuh) while entering the city of Madina, saw a Jewish Man, just few steps ahead of him, taking his very good breed of Horse towards market to sell. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) liked the Horse. So he negotiated with the Jewish Man and bought it at an agreed price. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) did not have money on him at the time so he asked the Jewish Man to follow him up to his home and he would pay him his due. The Jewish Man agreed.

As they were going, another man approached and asked the Jewish Man if he was selling his Horse and for how much. He said that he had already sold the Horse to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) for such and such amount. This man offered him better price and he agreed to sell the Horse to him.

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said to the Jewish Man that since he had already sold the Horse to him, it was wrong to break the agreement just like that. The Jewish Man denied making any agreement. Whilst all this was going on, the passers by stopped and wondered as to what was going on. The Prophet of Almighty God explained exactly what happened.

Companions: “O Prophet of Almighty, do you have any witnesses to support your claim?”
Holy Prophet: No. We have no witnesses as there was no one present when the agreement was made.

Companions: Sorry, we don’t think we can help you. How can we be sure who is telling the truth and who is lying?

A very close and sincere companion of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), Huzaima Ibn Sabit (RA) happened topass by and saw the Holy Prophet (pbuh) surrounded by the people. On inquiring about it, came toknow what happened.

Huzaima (RA): The Holy Prophet (pbuh) of Almighty is telling the truth and the Jewish Man is lying.

The Holy Prophet (pbuh): But you were not present when the agreement was made. So how can you judge without being there?

Huzaima Ibn Sabit (RA): O Prophet of Almighty, you said that there is God and we believed you, even though we haven’t seen Him. You told us that Qur’an was the word of Almighty and we believed you. You told us about Angels, Heaven and Hell and we believed you, even though we haven’t seen all these things. How is it possible that you would lie about such petty thing?

The moral of the story is that there were some companions who walked, sat and ate with the Prophet of Almighty God, but did not grasp his inner personality and at the same time there were also some other companions of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) who understood him physically as well as spiritually.

Hence we should also follow our Holy Prophet (pbuh) with complete belief as Huzaima Ibn Sabit (RA) shown in the above story but not as other companions did.
In short, Almighty God the most Glorious enjoins upon us to take the Holy Prophet’s behavior as an example, because he guides us to virtue and righteousness

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