Raise your children in a pure Islamic Way -Part2


Some Important Points to Note

If you want a brave and strong child drink Milk.
If you want a well behaved and Good Looking (beautiful) child eat Watermelon.
If you want a child, with a great contentment, recite Sura-e-Wal Asr (103) while putting your hand on your tummy.

Daily Routine During Pregnancy

Recite Sura-e-Tawheed (112), 50 times.
Recite Sura-e- Qadr (97), 50 times.
Recite Salawat, 140 times.
Do Istigraar, a lot.

Recite Sura-e-Ya Seen (36) on one Anar every day and eat it. Do this for FORTY DAYS. During Seventh month, after Salat-e-Fajr, recite Sura-e-Anam(6) on one Almond and eat it. Do this for FORTY DAYS.

After completing Seven months, recite following five Suras:
1. Sura-e-Hadeed (57)
2. Sura-e-Hashr (59)
3. Sura-e-Suff (61)
4. Sura-e-Juma (62), and
5. Sura-e-Taghabun(64)

  • Try to be in Wazoo at all times.
  • Do not look your self in the mirror at night.
  • Try your level best not to commit any Sin.
  • Try to perform Mustahib Aamal as much as possible.
  • Try not to be angry. (Don't worry be happy.)
  • Eat proper meals.
  • Eating vegetables (subzeeyan) and dairy products will help to develop beautiful skin of your unborn child.
After Delivery

After delivery of the baby, as soon as possible, Say Azan in the Right Ear, and Aqama in the Left
Ear of the child.
You should name your child within FOUR MONTHS and TEN DAYS.
After delivery of the baby, the mother should eat Nine Dates (Khajoor).



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