» First man to accept Islam.

» First companion to publicize his Islam.

» First companion to preach Islam and bring the likes of the 10 promised Jannah to Islam excluding Sayyiuna Umar and Sayyiduna Ali (Allah is well pleased with them).

» First companion to migrate to Madinah Tayyibah.

» First companion to buy the land of a Masjid (Masjid Nabawi).

» First and always the first to support and help the Beloved of Allah Almighty (upon him peace and blessings).

» First and only companion to lead Muslims in prayer on the Beloved Prophet's instruction (upon him peace and blessings) during his life.

» First and only companion to sacrifice *all* of his wealth in the way of Islam (esp for the battle of Tabuk).

» First companion that always understood the hidden secrets and indications in the Beloved Prophet's speech (upon him peace and blessings) before anyone else.

» First Caliph (successor) of Islam.

» First Caliph to have been appointed whilst his father (Uthman, Abu Quhafah) was still alive.

» First Caliph to have complied the Noble Quran in a single book.

» First Caliph to have called the Quran a "Mus'haf".

» First Caliph to have conquered the Persians in Iraq and Romans in Sham.

» First Caliph to create the Muslim treasury (Baytul Maal).

» First Caliph to have his salary fixed by public opinion (by Abu ubaydah al-Ameen and Sayyiduna Umar).

» First Caliph to defend the belief of the Finality of Prophethood (Khatm e Nabuwwat) by defeating the false Prophet of Yamamah, Musaylamah Kaddhab.

» First and only known companion to pass away on the same day (Monday) as the Beloved Prophet (upon him peace and blessings) and at the same age (63 years).

» First companion to be buried next to the Beloved Prophet (upon him peace and blessings) in the house of his own daughter Sayyidah Aishah (may Allah be well pleased with her).

» First companion to rise from his grave with the Beloved Prophet (upon him peace and blessings) on Judgement Day hand in hand.

» First man to enter paradise when every door will desire for him to walk through it calling him proclaiming "welcome welcome".

» First and only companion that will see Allah Almighty on the day of judgement in a unique manner to everyone else (without shape or form).

» First and only Caliph who was titled "The Caliph of Rasulullah" (all others were called "Ameerul Mu'mineen")!

» First and only one called a "Companion" (Sahib) in the Noble Quran.

Allah Almighty is well pleased with him!

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