What Is The Importance Of The Month Of Sha' Baan

To  understand  the  importance  of  this  night,  we  first  present  the  importance  of  the  ENTIRE MONTH  OF  SHA’BAAN,  so  that  readers  may  understand  that  this it is  indeed  a  special  month, which demands that we increase our worship in any way, during its entire period.

Sha’baan Is A Special, Meritorious Month

Sha`baan precedes  the  month  of Ramadaan,  and  is  a  harbinger  of  the  great  mercy  that descends upon the believers during Ramadaan. It is a month where we need to “get ready” for the  full  month  of  fasting,  extra  Prayers  at  night  (Taraweeh),  increased  recitation  of  the  Holy
Qur’an and training of the self (ego).

The Holy  Prophet Mohammed is  reported  to  have  said: "Sha'ban  is  my  month, Rajab  is Allah's month and Ramadaan is the month of my Ummah. Sha'ban is expiator, while Ramadaan is the purifier."(Khashful Khafa)

Once the Holy Prophet was asked: "Oh Allah’s Apostle, in which month other than Ramadaan is fasting the most meritorious?
” Our Prophet answered “Fasting performed in Sha’baan to show respect to Ramadaan”.(Tirmidhi)

Sha’baan  is  one  of  the  meritorious  months  for  which  of Holy Prophet made  special  efforts  and increased his worship.

This fact in itself proves that to increase worship on special occasions or special days of mercy from Allah, is not an innovation, but the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet.

SOURCE: http://www.ahlesunnat.biz

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