The time of death is a very difficult time. We know that when a person is in intense pain or in severe fever, it is difficult of him to think or make a decision.

Imagine the difficulty during death. If one atom of the pain at the time of death has to be dropped onto the people of the earth and skies, then every one of them will die.

Now imagine how difficult it is to remain steadfast in Imaan, if the shayateen take the form of our parents and mislead us at the time of death?

It is narrated in Kimya-e-Sa’aadat, that Hazrat Abu Darda has stated, “By Allah! No person can be comfortable with not knowing whether his end will be with Imaan or not.”

 Hujattul Islam Imam Ghazzali (rahmatullah alaih) states that the pain during the time of Sakraat-e-Maut is so intense that powerful and brave rulers and intelligent persons lose their minds.

In such a delicate time, shaitan comes with his groups of shayateen, each one portraying family members, friends and elders and try to mislead the dying person, by saying that they have already tasted death and have come to give sympathetic advice.

They ask the person to leave Islam and accept Christianity and Judaism, and they even tell him that Christianity is the greatest religion, since it had made Judaism, the religion of Moosa (alaihis salaam) null and void.

It has been stated that at this time, only those who are firm in Imaan are saved and those who are weak in Imaan fall prey to the deception of Shaitaan and accept his words of deceit.

Always tremble in the fear of Allah. We do not know which one of our actions can unleash the wrath of Allah causing us to lose our Imaan at the time of our death.

We should also control our tongues, since too much unnecessary talk could cause us to say words of infidelity, thus removing us from Islam, which we may not even be aware of.  Strive in trying to protect your Imaan.

Imam-e-Ahle Sunnat Aala Hazrat Ash Shah Imam Ahmed Raza Khan states, “That person who does not fear the loss of Imaan in his lifetime, then there is a definite fear of him losing his Imaan at the time of death.”

Never be lazy in asking for Dua for the protections of Imaan at the time of death.

May Almighty Allah have Mercy on our conditions?

We do not know what our position will be at the time of death. We have sinned so much, that we have not even taken the name of good.

We sincerely Pray, O Allah! Let not the shaitaans come to us at the time of our deaths, But the Holy Prophet should be there to bless us. 

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