To repent from ones sins, is compulsory for every Muslim male and female.

O You Who Believe! Repent intensely by Allah. 

To transgress the commands of Allah and His Rasool is a very grave sin. We should be aware of our sins and repent with sincerity in the Court of Almighty Allah. We should beg Almighty Allah to forgive all our major and minor sins.

Hazrat Imam Ghazzali states that once a person asked an Aalim the following question: When a person repents from his sins, does know whether his repentance has been accepted or not? The learned Aalim replied by saying, There is no definite knowing whether ones repentance has been accepted or not, but there are certain signs that show the acceptance of one’s repentance:

1. He will keep himself protected from sinful acts.
2. Happiness (of the world) will disappear from his heart.
3. He will know that Almighty Allah is present at all times.
4. He will gain closeness to the pious and stay away from the corrupt.
 5. He will engross himself in fulfilling his obligations in the Court of Allah.
6. He will remain silent at all times.
7. He will always think of his past sins and be troubled and saddened by them.

My Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters! Have you repented from your sins today?

Repent before it is too late. Repent before death comes.

Lets cleanse ourselves with Tauba!

May Almighty Allah bless us all with the taufeeq of Tauba before death!


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