Blessings and Virtues of Ramadan | Ramadan ki Fazilat

Blessings and Virtues of Ramadan | Ramadan ki Fazilat

Blessings and Virtues of Ramadan | Ramadan ki Fazilat

We the Muslims all across the globe are very lucky that, This Year also We Insha Allah, will be receiving the Holy and Blessed Month of Ramadan.

Ramadhan is a very special gift from Allah Ta'ala. This is a guest of Honor for all us in this world. One cannot imagine the importance of this blessed month

To make it clear let me ask you one question.

How do you treat when any guest or close friend or relative visits you or your place. Don't you take all efforts to make them happy and satisfied and wish that the same good things are said about you.

The How will you treat the Blessed Month of Ramadan when it is sent to you. How will you make the efforts to keep it happy? Are you prepared for it? 

Ramadan is a special Month of Ramadan. All  Months are of Allah, All days are of Allah, All Nights are of Allah. 

But are they all equal and same. 


All days are not same. 

So i got a question to ask to those who say or Compare Our beloved Prophet Muhammad Salalaahu Alaihiwa Salam as same as other humans.

We are all Bashar but our Prophet is Umul Bashar.

Even a Diamond is also Called Stone, and the one fallen on Road is also Called stone. But you don't make a roadside fallen stone your finger ring. Why don't you make it

One more question I have

Does water come in your area. In few area it may come from Tap. In some it may come from Bore well. 

But can it be compared with Zam Zam. No you cannot.

As Zamzam water is blessed water and its very special. It cannot be compared to the common Water. 

In the same way Ramadan is also a month like other months, But its a very pious Month and must be treated with due Respect.

Even a Marble used in Masjid is better than the marble in your bathroom. Isn't it. Even the stone below the feet of Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihi Salam got blessed status due to the status of Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim AlaihiSalam

Mahe Ramadan has coming, As it is from Allah, it is a special month

Why is Ramadan so Special?

Because Quran was revealed in this Month, so This month became so special. When Quran was revealed The Ramadan month became special and you can just imagine How Special our beloved Prophet Muhammad Salalaahu Alaihiwa Salam is on whom the Holy Quran was Revealed

Remember, Quran is a exceptional Book on this Earth. its Allah's Book. 

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Salalaahu Alaihiwa Salam Said in Month of Shabaan that Ramadan is coming. In this Month One  Nafil done is equal to one farz and One farz is equal to 70 Farz.

So my dear Brothers and Sisters, Please prepare for the holy month of Ramadan which will be coming to us in few days. Pray a lot, Keep all the Roza and Remember all your Family, Your Parents, The Umah, and even me in your Dua

Ramadan Mubarak to you all

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