Beautiful lesson by Pir Saqib Shaami on Rizq (Rozi) / Sustenance

Prophet Muhammad sallahu alaihiwa salam said: “Inna-rizqa la-yatlubu-l-abda, kama yatlubu-hu ajalu-hu”

Why man creates enmity when he will get what is written for him and no one on this earth can take it from him. 

No strength in Dunya can stop you from getting your money or getting your sustenance.

Many people come to me and complain of being victims of black magic because they feel that their rizq has suddenly become scarce. Don’t they realize that by saying so, they are actually equating Allah (swt) with mere mortals?

If Allah wants to give rizq to someone, the entire human population put together cannot stop that rizq.

Similarly if Allah wants to take away his rizq from someone, the entire human race cannot cause any hindrance in this plan of Allah.

Why all this frustration, when Allah Himself has taken the responsibility of providing rizq to His people? It is not a momin’s place to be frustrated like this. The way a momin thinks is: ‘I just need to do harakah [make effort] for my rizq, and it is Allah who will Put barakah in my harakah; I will get what I am destined to get, no matter what.’

One is that rizq also seeks the human, death also searches for a human. But rizq is faster than death, and reaches the person before death.

And second is that the person who earns his wealth through sood, unlawful means, he becomes the enemy of Allah. He wages war with Allah swt.

Whoever bangs his head against a mountain of stone, would only break his head. And he who wages war against Allah swt, is responsible for his own destruction.

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