Iddah (Iddat) for Women in Islam

Iddah (Iddat) for Women in Islam

What is Iddat?

Iddat is defined as the waiting period for a women in case of divorce or Husbands Death. The waiting period means that after the cessation of nikah the woman has to restrain herself for another Nikah till the prescribed period is over.

The Iddat on husband death is four months and 10 days (including the 10th night) when the nikah was lawfully complete and correct, whether or not the intercourse had taken place and whether the husband or wife was underage (minor).

The Iddat on Talaq or the cancellation of Nikah takes place on the first of the month, then 3 months Iddat shall be taken into account according to lunar calendar and if it is some other date, then the month of 30 days or 90 days in all shall be taken for the Iddat.

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