How Many Wives in Jannat for Multiple Marriages


How many wives will men get in Jannat, and will they get worldly wives in Janat as well? What will women get in Jannat?

By: Shadab Husain Ashrafi Sahab from Durg, Chhattisgarh

I have heard that in paradise, every person will have two wives: one with whom they were married in the world and another heavenly one. The question is, for those who marry more than once, how many wives will they have in paradise?"

Answered By Mufti Muhammad Shahid Barkaati

Firstly, the idea that one receives only two wives in paradise is an incomplete picture. Islamic scriptures suggest a far more expansive scenario. For instance, it's stated that in paradise, a person will have at least 72 wives, according to some interpretations. This includes the ‘hoors’, heavenly beings superior and more special than others. These are in addition to the wives one had in the worldly life. The Quran, in Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 25, talks of gardens under which rivers flow, fruits reminiscent of those on earth, and purified spouses for the righteous, eternal residents of these gardens.

In Quran, Surah Al-Imran, verse 15, states: "Say, ˹O Prophet,˺ 'Shall I inform you of what is better than all of this? For those mindful of Allah, there will be Gardens with their Lord beneath which rivers flow, where they will remain forever, and pure spouses, along with Allah’s pleasure.' And Allah is All-Seeing of His servants."

In various Hadiths, including those in Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal and Bukhari Sharif, paradise is depicted as a place where each person will have 80,000 servants and 72 wives. The residents of paradise will shine with the luminosity of the full moon or a bright star. Unity and harmony will prevail, with no discord. Moreover, it's mentioned that the physical beauty of these wives will be such that even through 70 layers of clothing, the marrow of their bones will be visible, akin to a mixture seen in a white bottle.

The scenario regarding women with multiple marriages is nuanced. If both husbands are in paradise, she will be with them. If her husband passes away and she remarries, and both are in paradise, she can choose her companion. If a woman hasn’t married in this world, she will be wed to a man in paradise. It's narrated that in paradise, a woman will be with her last husband. Another interpretation suggests she will choose the husband who was kindest to her on earth.

Furthermore, the Hadiths state that the inhabitants of paradise will have united hearts, ensuring a harmonious existence. In situations where a spouse is not initially in paradise, intercessions and Allah's mercy can alter this, highlighting the fulfillment of desires in the afterlife.

In conclusion, Islamic teachings present a multifaceted view of marriage in paradise, encompassing both physical and spiritual dimensions. These narrations and Quranic verses aim to provide believers with a glimpse of the rewards awaiting them, encouraging righteous living in the worldly life. 

Hindi Translation:

Sawal: Maine suna hai jannat mein har shakhs ki do biwiyan hogi ek vah jise duniya mein nikah hua aur doosri jannati. Sawal yah hai ki jo shakhs ek se zyada nikah karta hai usse jannat mein kitni biwiyan milengi? 

Jawab: Dekhiye, pehli baat to yah hai ki jannat mein do biwiyan milengi, yeh baat adhuri hai. Jannat mein ek nahi balki kam se kam 72 biwiyan yahan milengi. Kuch riwayat mein zyada ka zikr hai aur sabse pehle jannat mein jane walon ko inke alawa kam se kam do biwiyan, yani do puri aisi milengi jo baki biwiyon, yani hooron se zyada khaas aur behtar hongi aur duniya ki biwiyan inke alawa hongi.

Qurane Kareem ke Part Number 1 mein Surah Bakarah ki Ayat Number 25 mein Allah Ta'ala ka irshad hai: Pyare Nabi, khushkhabri de unhe jo imaan laye aur acche kaam kiye ki unke liye baghaat hai jinke neeche nadiyan bah rahi hain. Jab unhe un baghon mein se koi phal khane ko diya jayega, soorat dekhkar kahenge yeh to wahi rizq hai jo humein pehle mila tha, halanki woh sirf soorat mein milta julta unhe diya gaya aur unke liye un baghon mein sutri pak biwiyan hain aur woh unme hamesha rahenge.

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