Information on Zakat - Punishments for not paying Zakat

Allah's Name (we) begin with, The Compassionate Most Merciful

As Salaatu Was Salaamu Alaika Ya Rasool'Allah
صلٰى الله عليه و سلم

The month of Ramadaan has arrived. One of our obligations is to discharge our Zakaat correctly. I will share with you a few verses of the Holy Qur’an and some Ahadith which speak about the catastrophic result of not paying Zakaat. Not paying Zakaat is one of the main reasons for the failure of a business or for loss of money and goods. It is also very important to make sure that you give your Zakaat to the proper recipients and appoint righteous ones to utilise your Zakaat for proper Deeni Reasons. The following discussion should prompt us to think carefully about the importance of paying our Zakaat correctly, and the importance of giving it in proper hands.

Almighty Allah says,

‘You can never reach true virtue until you do not spend the things most cherished to you, in the way of Allah; And Allah is (All) Aware of all which you spend.’  [Surah Aal Imraan, Verse 92]

Allah Says,

‘And those who are miserly in that, which Allah has bestowed upon them by His Grace, should never regard this as good for them; but it is bad for them.  Soon, that in which they were miserly will become the noose around their necks on the Day of Qiyaamat.’  [Surah Aal Imran, Verse 180]

Hazrat Abu Hurairah mentions, ‘The wealth for which the Zakaat was not discharged will appear on the day of Qiyaamat in the form of a bald-headed snake.  It will chase (pursue) its owner and he will flee (from it), until he thrusts his fingers into its mouth.’ [Musnad Imam Ahmad] i.e. It will attack him viciously.

Hazrat Farooq-e-Azam Radi Allahu anhu reported that Rasoolullah Sall Allahu Alaihi wa Sallam said, ‘That wealth which is ruined in dryness and wetness, is ruined due to not discharging Zakaat.’ [Tabrani reported in Awsat]

Hazrat Buraidah Radi Allahu anhu reported that Rasoolullah Sall Allahu alaihi wa Sallam said, ‘Allah will afflict a nation who does not pay its Zakaat, with drought.’ [Tabrani reported in Awsat]

It is reported from Ahnaf bin Qais that Sayyiduna Abu Zarr Radi Allahu anhu said, ‘An intensely hot stone from the fire of hell will be placed on the tip of their breasts (i.e. those who shirk Zakaat), which will break through the chest and exit from the shoulder, and it will (then) be placed on the shoulder bone, causing it to break through the bones and exit from the chest.’ [Bukhari, Muslim]

It is also mentioned in Sahih Muslim Shareef, that (Abu Zarr Radi Allahu anhu) says, I heard Nabi Kareem Sall Allahu alaihi wa Sallam saying, ‘It will break through the backbone and exit from the side, and it will break through the nape and exit from the forehead.’

Law:  It is impermissible to give Zakaat to a Bud-Mazhab (deviants).  [Durr-e-Mukhtar Vol.2 Pg.96]  When this is the ruling concerning the Bud-Mazhabs, then what can be said about the wahabiya of this time, who commit blasphemy in the Court of Allah, and insult the station of the Beloved Rasool ﷺ and they even publish this.  They are those whom the Grand (Righteous) Ulama e Haramain Sharifain have unanimously decreed to be Kaafir (unbelievers) and Murtad (apostates), even though they may call themselves Muslims.  To give Zakaat to them is Haraam, and strictly Haraam, and if you did give it to them, then it has never been discharged at all.

I pray that this is not the case, but if any of us have not been paying our Zakaat or if we have been giving our Zakaat to the budmazhabs or through incorrect representation, read the above article many times over, and think about what will happen to us in our graves. If you are taking major losses in your successful business, go back and see if you have not gone wrong in your Zakaat or if you have paid it to bud-mazhabs.

Sag e Mufti e Azam

Muhammad Afthab Cassim Qaadiri Razvi Noori

Imam Mustafa Raza Research Centre, Durban, South Africa

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