Ajmer Dargah Khwaja Garib Nawaz Chishtia Dua (Roshni Prayer)

The #Chistia Dua also known as Dua-E-Roshni or prayer of light is recited by the Dargah #Khadims and the devotees before #Magrib Prayer at the #Dargah of #Khawaja Garib Nawaz Rahmatullah Alaih in Ajmer Sharif.

Below is the Chishtia Roshni prayer Transalation

Khwajae Khwajgaan Moinuddin Ashrafe Auliae Rooae Zamin
Aftabe Sipahre Kono Makaan Badshahe Sareere Mulke Yakeen
Dar lamaal 0 Kamale Uche Sukhan Ein Mubaiyan Boad Ba Hisne Haseen
Matlai Dar Sifate Ou Guftam Dar Ebarat Boad Cho Dure Samin
Ai Darat Qibla Gahe Ahle Yakeen Bardart Mehro Mah Sudha jabeen
Rooe Bar Dargahat hami Sayand Sad Hazaraan Malik Cho Khushra Ve Cheen
Khadimane Darat Hamah Rizwan Dar Safa Rozaat Cho Khulde Barin
Zare Khaake Ou Abeer-O- Sarishat Qatrai Aabe Ou Chu Maae Moin
llahi Tabood Khursheed - 0 - Mahi Chirage Chishtiyaa Ra Roshnai

Chishtia Roshni prayer in English:
Master (Khwaja-e) of Masters (-Khwajgan) Moinuddin (is);Noblest (ashraf) of all saints (auliya) of the world,.
Sun of sphere that Lords the Universe (kon-o makan).
Emperor who graces the throne of the dominion of faith and certitude (yaqin),
What can be uttered about your beauty (jamal) and perfection (kamal);
For, it is evident from the impregnable(Spiritual) fortification (hasn-o-hasin).
An opening verse (matla) in praise of your attributes I offer;
which in purity is like a precious pearl (durr-i samin).
Oh ye, whose threshold is an altar (qiblah) for the faithful; (ahl-i-yaqin).
Where the sun and the moon rub their forehead.
It is thy royal threshold that faces are in reverence rubbed;
By hundreds of Kings (maliks) of the stature of the Emperors (khusro) of China.
The atendants (Khadiman) at thy shrine are all like the keeper of Paradise(Ridwan);
As is your mausoleum (roza) in sanctity certainly a sublime Paradise.
(where) A particle of dust is ambergies (abir) in nature;
And a drop of water transparent and pure (maen)
Oh, Almighty as the Sun and the Moon endure;
May the Chishti lamp resplendently sparkle.

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